HCR Digital Timer Has 4 feed times.  Adjustable feed duration.   Simplest on market to set.  Comes in 6 or 12 volt.
THE TIMER 6 Feed Times. Works on 6 or 12 volt. 5 yr warranty.
WTGF Photo Timer This timer operated off the main 12 volt battery on a 5 amp circuit.  It is as maintenance free as they get.  Just set feed time for once or twice daily.  Nothing else to do.
WTGF Clock Timer This timer is a 12 volt clock which operates off the main battery.  It has the capability of 144 settings in a 24 hour period.  May be set to go at 20 minute intervals.  This timer has an outside test button and a variable feed rate.  Works on a 6 volt or 12 volt battery.
SWEENEY Timer LJT 200 6 or 12 volts, 8 feed settings
SWEENEY Timer DFT  REV8 Timer 6 or 12 volt, 24 feed settings.
MONARCH Timer Digital timer 6 or 12 volt.  Has feed settings.
TEXAS HUNTER TIMER Operates 6 or 12 volts.
SOLAR PANELS Solar panels are complete with brackets and ready to install.   One year warranty.  6 volt or 12 volt.


WTGF HCR Digital Timer - Large 12 volt motor.
WTGF HCR Digital Timer - 6 volt.
On Time Life Timer 10 AA Battery.  LIFETIME WARRANTY.
On Time Elite Solar Digital with Solar Panel & Battery - uses 9 volt battery.  1 year warranty.
On Time Elite - new digital, 6 feed times.
C.T.P. Attractor Econo Unit - has clock with AA battery.
C.T.P. Attractor Deluxe - has 24 hour clock.  144 feed settings.
SpinCast MRK 1 - has 6 volt rechargeable battery and solar panel included.
Monarch - digital 6 or 12 volt, 6 feed times.
Texas Hunter - EZ-612, digital timer, 9 settings, operates 6 or 12 volts
Hog Light - HCR with solar panel - on at dark, off at daylight


Sweeney RC1000 - 12 VOLT ONLY.
THE REMOTE - Works 6 or 12 volt. Super Range, Easy Install, a Must Have.

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