WTGF Deluxe Feeder Ready to feed, 300 pound capacity. Comes with a 12 volt battery, heavy-duty American made motor, a sight glass, lid spring. Solar panel adaptable but not included.
WTGF Feeder  With ladder platform
WTGF Feeder  With winch assembly
WTGF Receiver Hitch Feeder Fits conventional 2" receiver. Holds 325#.
WTGF Receiver Hitch Feeder Fits conventional 2" receiver. Holds 100#--has cigarette lighter plug with on/off switch.
WTGF Receiver Hitch Feeder NEW Fits conventional 2" receiver. ATV adaptable 50# 100#
HCR Road Feeder
Fits 2" receiver.  70# 200#
WTGF Hangon Road Feeder
Remote Controlled. 50# or 100# available.
Remote Controlled. 50# or 100# available.
WTGF Econo Feeder Reconditioned 55 gal. barrel, galvanized lid, leg struts mounted. Legs included. Holes drilled for your timer. (Timer not included)
WTGF Fish Feeder Our fish feeder is the same as the DELUXE FEEDER with the addition of a deflector sheild which directs the feed 180� away from the feeder. Uses the clock timer or digital timer.
WTGF protein feeder 325# Gravity flow
WTGF turkey feeder Holds 300#
WTGF quail feeder Holds 325#
LAMCO Galvanized Feeder Varmint Proof Corn Feeder Enclosed motor and spinner for varmint control. Includes the timer. With solar panel. 350#- 500#
LAMCO Protein Pellet Feeder Includes the timer. Free choice feed into trough system. With solar panel. 500#-800#-1500#
LAMCO Fish Feeder Includes the timer with solar panel. #50 #100 #200
LAMCO Econo Feeder Comes with varmint cage and The Timer
LAMCO Road Feeder 2" Receiver mount or ATV mount available. 50# or 100#
LAMCO Quail Feeder 150# or 350#
SWEENEY Road Feeder Fits over tailgate or brush guard. 12 volt, holds 100#.
SWEENEY DF 1 Scatter feeder 300# Hanging bracket available.
SWEENEY DF 5 Scatter feeder 100# Hanging bracket available.
SWEENEY AF 1300 Directional feeder 300#
SWEENEY AF 1100 Directional feeder 100#
HCR Basic feeder 350#
WTGF Hanging feeder with choice of 2 clock timers. Holds 100# Complete with battery.
Hay Feeder Holds 1 bale of Hay. Stands on 6' legs very easy to fill.
BIG HORN protein feeder
Pictured.  2000#  750#  Low profile, also 950#LP, 1350#LP, 3500#LP available.
Hanging feeder 100# 12 volt
300# 12 volt, varmint cage, sight glass
HANG 'EM HIGH feeders
Can be purchased with HCR Timer Box installed, or without any timer unit at all.
ATASCOSA Tube Feeder Holds 2000#. Has easy shut off and clean out.
STREN Fish Feeder Air Drive Directional Comes with 12 volt battery and solar panel. Holds 100# Feed
ALL SEASONS Feeders Various Styles and Sizes Available.
CAPSULE Game Feeders Capacity = 500#-1000# of feed (any combination of corn, milo, soybeans, etc.)
WTGF Ground Hugger (Varmint Proof) Never have to climb again to fill your feeder. This feeder sets on the ground. Holds 350#, comes complete with THE TIMER and 12 volt battery. With solar panel installed.
CROSSFIRE Feeders We stock complete lines of Sizes 750#-950#-900#-2000#-1350#-3500#
Boss Buck Feeders Comes in several sizes. Can be converted from Protein Tubes to Timer Unit by removing one bolt
The Judge - Varmint Proof Feeders Comes in 3 sizes. 200# 300# 600#

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