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More of EVERYTHING you want in a blind!

The Pot-Belly Blind's greatest advantage is room, 66% more room than a standard 4'x4'x6' blind, yet it still fits on standard 4'x4' towers.  Its rugged fiberglass panel construction and all weather gel-coat exterior make it one of the most durable blinds you can buy today and our 15 year warranty is there to back it up.  The 12' 9" viewing area, covering 360 degrees, also means a highly effective field-of-view.
It's even more portable too.  For storage and transport the Pot-Belly Blind breaks down quickly and easily and stores in a space less than 6'x6'x2'6".F
Sturdy corner shelves/rifle props are convenient and out of the way.  Sliding Plexiglass windows and indoor/outdoor carpeting come standard.  However, you can outfit the Pot-Belly Blind to your own taste with a variety of other options.
Blind can be placed on a stand or simply used as a ground blind.

The Pot-Belly Blind Dimensions:

Inside Height - 6'2"
Inside Width (at middle section) 5'10" x 5' 10"
Inside Width (at ceiling) 3' x 3'
Outside Width (at floor) 4' x 4'
Window Dimensions (on window panels) 8 1/4" x 44"
Window Dimensions (on door panel) 7 1/2" x 21"
Total Weight - 180 lb.
5' and 10' Towers available. Towers come with 4" steps and hand rails.

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